ARA glitches in regard to audio interfaces

Does ARA affect the bandwidth of your soundcard in Cubase? I noticed I get small glitches like I would have latency problems when I work a lot and fast with Variaudio (probably since it was introduced), but it doesn’t bother me as it seems to only affect 1 and 1 track inside Cubase.

However, if I go to work on Melodyne or Vocalign and slap it on a lot of tracks I run into moments when Cubase will hang for minutes sometimes (never crash, just need patience) so I am very curious how I can remedy this problem. My disk drives, CPU, and ram are definitely not working harder when Cubase hangs. I have no idea how I can monitor my USB ports, so does anybody know if I have my RME Digiface (USB2) as the bottleneck for this ARA issue?
I would assume ARA works directly on the CPU, but maybe it doesn’t? Does anybody else have a similar problem? I think my computer still is pretty capable (see signature)

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