ARA in cubase 10.0.30 on mac high sierra doesn't work

Got a problem ARA opens melodyne in cubase but can’t hear any audio… i also have nuendo and it works i can hear the audio . anyone got any ideas what is going on both programs cubase and nuendo are on the same computer .Thanks for any Help

I do. The audio will play after you save your Celemony file, open it in your standalone Celemony app AND select your output path in Preferences. This is the only way it will produce audio.

However, this said, the way it is designed, you load (from Cubase) your track into Celemony, and then PLAY THE SAME SECTION in your TRACK. It’s weird, but the adjustments you make to the ‘blobs’ as your track is playing (after capture), will be echoed by your Cubase output. Haha, I’m really not sure at this point about the easiest way to inject this modified Celemony track back into your project but there is a way. Perhaps do a mixdown and leave the Melodyne app up and running or mixdown the single altered track and bring it back to your DAW Project.

Another thing I’ve learned is that when you open the Standalone app, the ‘blobs’ are now indicated as midi notes, not the blobs that they were. As I read about the features of the 4 apps available (on the Melodyne website), the blob to midi isn’t supposed to happen with the Essentials app, it should start with the Assistant app. Maybe Steinberg caught a break here or maybe things have changed, I dunno.

The last thing I learned is that the Studio app is the one to own as it shows the ENTIRE recording in a full screen mode (within the DAW) that is mouse adjustable. Watching that demo is rather mind numbing… haha, damn!

none of the reply works … tried what you said… melodyne studio 4.2.2 why does it work in nuendo and not cubase ? maybe someone from cubase can give me an answer Thanks

Make sure Cubase is set to 32bit processing. There is an issue with melodyne ARA2 and Cubase’s 64bit processing

It currently doesn’t output audio if you have 64 bit processing enabled, it should be fine if you have 32 bit processing set.