ARA is now available to all DAW manufacturers!

Celemony Releases The ARA Development Environment
Now available to all software manufacturers 12-Jul-12

Celemony tells us that, as of today, the ARA Audio Random Access interface extension is available to all software manufacturers. ARA allows for the improved integration of Melodyne and similar plug-ins into digital audio workstations (DAWs).

please, Steinberg…
love to see ARA implemented in Cubase!

Feature request:


Aloha C,

Would be nice but I’ll bet ya ‘hard tack to navy beans’
Steiny won’t do this.

This is just opinion:
I believe they will just keep developing their Vari-Audio technology and
by the time C7 ships that feature will be greatly enhanced.

It won’t be nearly as great as Melo or Auto-Tune but it will be good enough for many users
that will now not spend the additional $$ on these two 3rd party technologies.

Melo sees this coming and that’s why they are now sharing their tech with the world.

Hope I’m wrong.

Sorry, but VariAudio, as convenient as it is, just doesn’t sound as good as even the earliest versions of Melodyne.

I don’t even have great ears and the difference is as plain as day to me.

So very true.

Perhaps the Melo folks will also develop their own Melodyne DAW
to go along with their much superior sounding audio correction software.


+1 I’d like to see ARA in Cubase as well. I’m a long time Melodyne user and would love to see this incorporated. It would make our workflow more efficient.


Not interested, but would like to see Melodyne work better in Cubase.