ARA Melodyne and Track Versions loses data

I’m can’t see this elsewhere on the forum, but apologies if I’m doubling up another report…

If I use Melodyne as an extension on an event, then switch to an alternate track version, when I return Melodyne has reverted to an unedited version of the track.

I mostly want to do this in order to use that track for other processes (eg audio alignment) without having to bounce the melodyned event and lose the ability to edit the extension - which is kinda the whole point of ARA right?

Any thoughts welcome, or curious to know if the problem is reproducible at least.


Make your perfect comp first, please. Then Bounce selection. Then use ARA Melodyne, please.

Doesn’t that just defeat the point of ARA? And even if I do make a perfect comp, then bounce it and open it in Melodyne, if I change to a different track version I still lose the melodyne data.

Unfortunately, I have to confirm that this issue still has not been fixed in Cubase 11.0, although Steinberg says that comping should now work together with Melodyne.



Comping and Track Versions are 2 different features.

But I agree, it would be nice, if this would also work.

According to Release Notes, this issue should be fixed in Cubase 11.0.30 but I haven’t been able to test it yet.