ARA Melodyne Assistant problems pls help

Hi Guys
so let me describe this anoying issue
first let me say ALL DRIVERS and GPU drivers ARE UP TO DATE
ok .:
when in cubase 11 pro working with melodyne in ARA mode the GUI from cubase and melodyne start some crazy behavior.
if i expand the window for melodyne the app no longer works properly
the cycle loop is no longer in position (but to the right up to 10 bars away from where it should be) as soon as i use the cycle inside of melodyne it will not snap into position it will move erraticly to a position of its choice… this is driving me crazy
another problem it has from the get go is the key signature /scale of song is not accessible it sees everything in C major and it can not be adjusted this renders the app totally useless…
what i have done so far .:
rechecked my drivers
looked at stand alone and vst inserts of the app (all working splendidly)
emailed Celmony ( shortest support mail i have ever had the guy said its not a melodyne problem and i should look at my grfx drivers)
has anyone have an idea what i could try next???
i need a solution pretty quick as the singer on this project is not the best and i dont like the internal vari audio much
Thanks in advance Guys.

is it cubase gui or pc gpu settings or ara or melodyne ???