ARA melodyne - Audio to MIDI?

Is it possible to drag an event with melodyne onto a MIDI track? And if so, how to do it?

I think you must go to file and export midi, then import it again to Cubase. I don¨t think it has any form of drag 'n drop to Cubase ability. If you use Variaudio you can save a few steps and import midi notes to a new midi track directly from the editor. Of course, there are some fewer features in Variaudio compared to the more expensive Melodyne editions.

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Thanks for your response. I use melodyne only for polyphonic material and I asked myself if it’s possible only with drag’n drop.

Studio One is capable of drag and drop with audio to midi with Melodyne. I would love for Cubase to expand their ARA integration to allow this. It would be a nice workflow enhancement.

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Which version of Cubase are you using? I think things have improved with Cubase 12 regarding the ARA support. I also saw a video about ARA Spectralayers, improved in the communication workflow (though easier because it’s Steinberg as well), but I cannot confirm with Melodyne.

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Studio One 6 and Melodyne work great. It’s just drag, and drop from meldoyne into Studio One. Also, Melodyne’s chord analysis communicates with Studio One’s chord track.

This feature would be cool in Cubase.

Yes, this is another feature that Cubase’s ARA integration lacks, at this point. It would be a great feature to have in Cubase as well. Presonus has always been ahead of Steinberg in regards to ARA because Presonus worked directly with Celemony when ARA was initially developed. Hopefully, it is just a matter of time before Steinberg adds these expanded ARA features. Audio to Midi Drag and Drop has been around longer so I was expecting Cubase to have this by now. The chord analysis to chord track is a newer function so it is not as surprising that Cubase doesn’t have it yet.

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