As a long term Cubase Addict/Junkie I bought Cubase 8 the minute it came out. My fix, I have to have it - even though I know it’s gonna be fraught with awful annoying bugs. Which it is. I still am using my trusty Cubase 7.5 while I tinker around and play post-beta Beta-tester with 8.

I was hoping and praying that ARA - Celemony’s technology for integrating Melodyne seamlessly in the Cubase environment - would be included. WTF! It’s not. No, no, nooooo (sobsob).
Steinberg, your programme is awesome, it’s the best there is, and as a producer/engineer/arranger Cubase evangelist I keep converting a lot of misguided ProTools, Logic and other lost souls back to the true path of Cubasism. But come on guys, Vari-Audio does not match the other professional attributes of the programme. When it comes to analysing and correctly fixing pitch and manipulating formants or creating authentic sounding harmonies – it is – no offense intended – an effing joke. You know this. Apart from dubious creative effect possibilities, it is currently not useful for much more than wholetone shifts.

Please give me the choice guys. You have nothing to lose. I’m hooked. I swear I won’t abandon my Cubase roots. I will still fork out money and buy the programme even though I know every new version is gonna be buggy as hell. Yes, even though your strategy is crafty and sly - letting us buy the programme and then figuring out the bugs and pointing them out to you. Bugs that you should have -and would have - caught had you done a proper beta-testing instead of stupidly rushing to the market with a half-finished product. (Yes, we are aware of this dirty little strategy – damn smart of you, we confess - even if we find it deplorable). We will buy the programme anyway; because all things considered - objectively speaking - Cubase Is really the best there is.

ARA would make my editing life a lot easier. It is really awful and inconvenient that the plugin is not synced to the native transport functions, which is all I really want. And if you did your homework – which I’m sure you Steinberg guys do, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. And you know the advantages of an ARA like system for 3rd party plugins like Melodyne Editor.

So now it’s too late for Cubase 8, I guess. But what about 8.5 guys? Yes, yes, godamn it. I will buy it, need you ask? Junkie, remember? Must have it. Can’t live without it. Always did, always will. But please meet us half-way. Since we are willing to fork out the dough, please do the right thing and include the ARA possibility. Make our pitch editing lives easier. We solemly promise that we will still monitor and checkout VariAudio. and we swear that when it evolves into a mature worthy competitor, we will use it and sing it’s praises from the peak of the Alps or the Killamanjaro. But until it does - INCLUDE THE EFFING ARA!

(breathe out – count to ten –then) If you do this I’ll be able to worship more diligently at the altar of Cubase, forever sing its praises, and pursue more fervently my zealous efforts to converting all DAW users to the one true path – Cubasism. Please Steinberg. Now you’ve got us by the balls, let our hearts and minds totally, willingly and happily follow.

If ARA had been included I would have discounted all the issues that effect me in C8 and upgraded.

The implementation of ARA in Sonar is wonderful.

Another missed opportunity. :unamused:

+1 from a long time Cubase and Melodyne user

Sad but true +1.

Here’s a beautiful little demonstration, that also shows REGION FX and CLIP FX, which is another huge feature request – all in the same video :slight_smile: Sonar wins at these things hands-down.

Not that I don´t agree that I would love ARA melodyne in CB, but as it stands now I don´t think that will happen.

However: If more applications than melodyne, for example Isotope RX etc would be coded to work within ARA I think things may change.

Cubase has got Variaudio and it is the same thing as Melodyne, just not as good. Hopefully they are working on a massive Variaudio 3 update. I hope for ARA-tech to be more widespread though.

Nice argumentation :slight_smile:

Even if don’t use Melodyne myself yet, I do see the huge workflow improvements ARA support would bring all those users who do use it. It would be the number one DAW improvement for those, I assume.

Melodyne in Cakewalk Sonar X3 with ARA:

I am not a pro but Vari works for me and I wouldn’t want to pay a premium for ARA.

Jaslan wrote:
I am not a pro but Vari works for me and I wouldn’t want to pay a premium for ARA.

I understand Jaslan.
But I am a pro. And I would. Pay premium that is. Also because you are not a pro, I guess that’s why VariAudio is adequate for what you do. No slur or disrespect intended.

Well, everybody does not use everything. The good thing is that there is something for everybody that’s interested in making music. That means a bigger user base, which means more income for Steiny and more customers to split ALL the development costs between. That will benefit all.

ARA support could make the user base even bigger and make Cubase/Nuendo grow stronger in the pro segment of users. Those do use Melodyne and ARA support would be a huge workflow improvement for those. It will also make it a lower/easier step to take to start to use Melodyne for everyone else if you’ll have it integrated in the DAW.


None taken!

So what’s the big benefit of ARA support in Cubase for non Celemony customers?


-1 then :slight_smile:

Maybe they want to be Celemony customers if they can have Melodyne integrated in Cubase. :wink:

Otherwise there’s no benefit; it’s for integration of ARA plugins (like Melodyne) into the DAW. Not sure if there’s anything else which could be integrated with ARA.

I’m a Steinberg/Cubase customer, I’m also a Celemony/Melodyne customer. I make music - professionally. I need tools to make me work effectively - Cubase with Ara would facilitate this. If you work with pitch editing hardcore as I do, you would very very quickly understand this.
If other DAW developers had adopted the same attitude with Steinberg’s excellent and revolutionary ASIO or VST Plugin formats, the current software recording world would be much poorer for it. In fact the ProTools guys have done this silly sort of thing, and all my Pro Tools studio friends are always very frustrated. They are unable to take advantage of the vast amounts of vst plugin goodies that are available to assist them with making good music.
In the same way that other DAW developers have sensibly embraced ASIO and VST to make life easier and better, Steinberg should do the same thing with adopting ARA into Cubase. Sure, today it only facilitates Melodyne plugin, but this is just the beginning. It’s implemenation will encourage other developers to come aboard. Just as has happened with VST.
By the way if you’re not sure what ARA is and does, go over to the Celemony website and read about it. The ability of having ARA in Cubase will only make me a happier and more effective Cubase user. This is what this is all about. It’s about being able to concentrate on my pitch-editing tasks within my host software. It’s about me being not being ticked off or muttering expletives every 5 seconds because of the currently clunky and unwielding integration of a life-saver like Melodyne in my DAW.
Guess I’ll just do a video and YouTube it so that people who think ARA supporters are just crybabies will finally get it, and get onboard with supporting those of us who realize the value of its addition.



Hoping for ARA in Cubase 8.5

Please. :mrgreen: