ARA slows down cubase & nuendo

Hi, I hope someone can help me.
I recently updated to Nuendo 10 (latest update) and tried to work with some ARA2 compatible Plug ins such as specralayers, Melodyne oder audio align post.
Unfortunately, as soon as I use these plug ins through ARA, nuendo becomes very slow and even the slightest changes of any audio event takes forever… It can’t be a matter of CPU or similar, since my system works fine even with very big sessions- without ARA…
The more regions I edit with ara, the slower nuendo gets… (ex: I transfer 8 regions in audio align post- this alone takes about 2 minutes… As soon as I do that, everything I do in the session (for example a simple gain change of another region) takes a huge amount of time for nuendo to react…


Same here for me now on Cubase 10.5
Was fine on Cubase 10 however.


Anything new on this issue? Maybe on Cubase 11? The performance is very horrible concerning this matter.

::: SOLVED :::
This was also an issue for me on Cubase 10 and 10.5 - as soon as I initiated an ARA extension the whole program would become unusably slow.
I eventually discovered that this would only be case if the event I applied the ARA to was in a ‘part’.
The work around I now employ is simply to keep these events as events in the arrangement window (do NOT put them in parts)and now both of my ARA extensions function perfectly and no crippling slow down occurs (I have Spectral Layers 6 and Melodyne 4).
Can anyone please confirm or deny if this has worked for them also.