ARA Support for Nuendo

I just looked and haven’t found this request in the N8 forum yet :wink: So I’m going to re-iterate. We’ve now had a long stretch of problems with RX Connect. And it’s a solution that only works for RX.

I would like for Steinberg to integrate ARA into their products. If audio plugins are allowed access to the whol clip or track, it’s no longer necessary to send stuff around and plugins can also look at audio that’s not immediately under the playhead.

And if iZotope would also release an RX version that supports ARA, that would be great.

I think ARA would benefit Nuendo in the long run.

This is a popular feature request, but implementing this has only become viable to most DAW developers very recently due to the introduction of ARA 2.

It’s probably going to miss the next Nuendo version, but I think you can expect to see it being added soon.

I see. What’s different in ARA2 that there is now uptake from DAW devs? Is the licensing more open? The standard more complete? What’s the backstory?

Anyway, I’m really looking forward to what this technology can bring. Imagine, it would be possible for compressors to look ahead on static recorded tracks without introducing latency. You could let a gate in voice-over open 100ms before the signal reaches the threshold so you don’t have chopped off breaths and the like. Apart from obvious uses like Melodyne or RX. We’ll see what can be done. And how long it’ll take to implement.

ARA 2 is simply far easier to implement. The reason why so few DAWs supported ARA 1 was because it would have required major, important portions of most DAWs to be re-engineered.

It almost feels like it was specifically designed to ensure that it would be a exclusive to a certain DAW for a long time, and any other developer attempting to implement it would have to waste precious months of programming, testing, and bug fixing working on this one thing. Only Cakewalk fell for that and the (then already slow) development of Sonar slowed down greatly for about 2~ years as a result.

Looking forward to ARA support. I use Revoice Pro and they are adding it to their upcoming version release.

Last year i wasn’t expected ARA to be in Cubendo anytime soon, but since ARA 2 and the new DAW that are going to including this great tools iam definitely looking forward to it now.

Or perhaps a new VST 4 version with similar capability ?