ARA2 Bypass? Am I missing it somewhere?

I’m wondering is there a way to bypass ARA2 Spectralayers to listen to the original and A/B between the two?

I know there is the history, but it poses a lot of risk to use the History for this, as, if you accidentally make a selection whilst A/B’ing, you will lose your changes.

Also, it would be great to have a an alternative undo/redo, that skips the selection history and only undo/redo’s processes, ie, the selection history would be retained, but it would skip any selection history points and go straight to process history points.

Hm… I guess it could be done technically, but I’m not sure the best design would be to have that at SpectraLayer’s level, it might better be a DAW option.

On the optional selection history thing, could be done, but will mostly depends on the time left before the next major release.

I definitely feel need something to emulate a bypass in some way. I’ve been ctrl+z undoing to hear before and after, the only problem is, if I accidentally make a selection to locate the locator, that selection then interjects into the undo history and I can’t ctrl-y redo the process. So a bypass would help prevent having to ctrl-z undo to A/B compare. And or, there needs to be a way to access a ‘process’ specific history that isn’t discarded when making selections.