Ara2: Cubase and Revoice Pro

Hi Steinberg,

there’s a problem with Revoice Pro when I have to bounce to disk the aligned tracks from Revoice. For example I have a Lead 1, 2 & 3 and I’ve perfectly aligned them in Revoice then I push “bounce to disk” on Cubase (that is a new feature to transfer corrected tracks from Revoice to Cubase) and for example for the Lead 1 works and and we find the new corrected track perfectly in the daw, but for Lead 2 and Lead 3 this works randomly, sometimes one of them is corrected, sometimes both are not corrected. If it works for lead 1 and randomly on the other tracks, it should always work, so could you fix this problem please? It’s really important for the workflow.
All the best