ARA2 extra integrations ideas to Cubase (and much more)

Hi I am a software developer and a musician, had this idea since a long time of using ARA to closely collaborate with smart plugins capable of reading tempo, signatures and more from the project that the ARA2 protocol can provide (Celemony opensourced protocol).

Thinking further of what we could do imagine:

  • NI drummer (or any other similar synth plugin) could suddenly read much more meta data from the projects and the tracks and know change the drummer interpretation based on this info : drummer could understand about verses, chorus, breaks (deducted from arrangement structure) , bridges, intro, outro …

  • Realtime project collaborations plugins that now would ‘know’ about the other tracks in the projects and could offer seameless collaborations without needing a separate application helper.

  • Compositions plugins such as Captain Plugins or Scaler could use this info to provide automatic arrangements in a given style too…

  • Probably needs to collaborate with Celemony like Presonus did and innovate together with a richer interface to allow for smarter plugins like these?

Would really enjoy visiting these amazing guys in Berlin and collaborate to build something really huge how about you Steinberg guys ? :smiley:

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