ARA2 Melodyne and comping with lanes = crossfade problem

I’m a Nuendo user, but there seems to be more folks over here using ARA2 and Melodyne so I thought I’d pop in to see i anyone has any thoughts about the issue…
I’m using Nuendo 10.2 with latest Melodyne
When using Melodyne extension and comping a vocal in lanes, how do you handle crossfades? It seems they have no effect and clicks are heard at the transition points. (Autofades doesn’t work either.) I read the limitation about no access to clip gain and fade handles, but how can anyone use ARA2/melodyne for vocals without crossfades? Or is there a workaround?


You are right, cross-fades are not handled with ARA extension at this moment. It’s an known limitation at this moment. The workaround is to apply cross-fade first, bounce it, and then use ARA extension.

Thanks Martin. Ouch. That basically takes away the whole concept of being able to comp while having access to melodyne for each lane. That’s a pretty serious drawback. Are plans to remedy it in the works?

It’s STILL an issue, even though Steinberg claimed that ARA2 issues were fixed in 10.0.40. Worst of all, there are no crossfades on my track and it’s still creating a popping sound as soon as the clip begins! Take Melodyne off and there are no pops.
Every single clip has a pop at the start. I updated Melodyne this week so it looks like Steinberg needs to get with it and update Cubase.

To make matters even more “magical,” now the play head down in Melodyne doesn’t move when the track is played. You can click the play head in Melodyne and it will move the play head in the project but clicking the play head in the project will not move the play head in Melodyne. Then the Melodyne play head stays put as the track is playing.

Just updated to N10.3 and still no crossfades are making into melodyne via ARA2. Also, comping using lanes is not displaying blobs correctly. If you have to comp and edit and crossfade everything first anyway, what’s the point of ARA vs using Melodyne as an insert?

I’m also having this problem and can’t seem to get rid of clicks in between my audio clips. Crossfades acting very strangely. If I pull the crossfade way out it almost seems to time stretch the audio. So pretty much un-usable right now.

My versions are, Cubase 11.0.10 and Melodyne v5.1.1.003 VST3

The only workaround I can find is to do the fades in Melodyne. Which requires a few time stretched notes as well to make the ends and starts line up correctly, to avoid clicks.