ARA2 Melodyne comping, how to crossfade

Nuendo 10.2 with latest Melodyne
When using Melodyne extension and comping a vocal in lanes, how do you handle crossfades? It seems they have no effect and clicks are heard at the transition points. (Autofades doesn’t work either.) I read the limitation about no access to clip gain and fade handles, but how can anyone use ARA2/melodyne for vocals without crossfades? Or is there a workaround?

Really pretty unstable actually. Crashes and loooong lags when any ARA2 tracks are being edited. “Bounce selection” of a 10 sec clip took about 7 minutes! (But it did render the melodyned data.) Render in place was a crash. This appears not ready fr prime time…
Anyone have any help for me on crossfades?