ARA2 Melodyne issue - popping sound at crossfades

When activating Melodyne ARA2 on two crossfaded regions, the crossfade isn’t accounted for and so there’s an audible pop where the two regions are crossfaded (as if there were no crossfade at all). Removing the crossfade and doing a fade out/fade in and having a silence gap between the two regions still creates the pop sound in that same place. In Melodyne, where the crossfade would be, there is a small gap with two grey vertical parallel lines, indicating a separation of the two regions. See attached screenshot.

Bummer, I just read the limitations of ARA2 at this stage and it looks like this is a known issue (listed in the work-arounds section). Oh well…guess I have to wait.


Is this resolved in 10.0.4? Still having trouble with melodyne and crossfades workflow…