ARA2: Question to Users: Should Muted Channels Be Rendered in Bounce?

If working on a stereo file, I’ll often mute one channel to hear the other.

Made the mistake of bouncing this which rendered silence on one channel. I could see this mistake happening often, especially if someone is working on a stereo file and only one side has a problem.

My question to users would be, do you depend on the protocol working this way?

I think maybe better protocol would be, to make sure the user intends to do this by actually having to “delete” that channel, or somehow render the mute itself within SL. This is more consistent with how a DAW works, ie, when I bounce an event in Cubase, and the channel is muted, the event doesn’t become silent.

So channel mute imo should be distinguished from destructive removal of audio. If the user wants to do that, it should be a more intentional process for example, deleting the channel, or ‘select all’+‘delete’.