ARA2 Use and History

I’m using SL8 as an ARA2 extension in Nuendo.

I change a clip with SL8 extension processing, and I see the steps I performed in the History panel. When I perform other editing in Nuendo, come back to this clip, and double-click it, SL8 opens again & shows all history. Great!

But if I close the Nuendo project and later reopen it, then return to this same clip and double-click it, SL8 again opens, but all steps in the History panel have been “collapsed” into one entry called “Archive.” I can’t unfold this archive to see the steps I had performed previously, perhaps to undo some.

Am I missing something? Does this mean SL8 history doesn’t survive closing & reopening a Project? This isn’t what I would have expected from the integration.

Hm… Not sure why you had this expectation given that when you open a Nuendo project that you previously worked on (even without SpectraLayers), you can’t undo any of its previous action either .

Interesting… I see your point. I guess that makes sense. Thanks for the response!