Arabic Blues


Another late night project, still using Steinbergs excellent vocal library.

This one I called Arabic Blues - Enjoy :smiley:


Tor-Bjarne, your avatar is very clever/stylish: runskrift on a white background.

And a word about your tune as well: the intro guitar sound is cool. Reminds me of Jeff Beck sound e.g. in Rollin’ and Tumblin’. However, I am not convinced about the turn the tune takes when the vocals join in. I feel that there is too big a jump in the feel and groove of the tune - to me the guitar intro does not really feel like it would be part of this tune but some other tune yet unwritten.

Another late night success! You should sleep in the daytime. Maybe you do! I think Hko is right in his observation, but I think it’s exactly what you seem to want to achieve: the juxtaposition of your great metal guitar sound with sounds from other far away genres and cultures. And sometimes with a touch of humor? Hope I got that right. And by the way, Jeff Beck is one of the best ever, so if you sound like that, pretty great!

Hi Hko and Early21,

Sorry for my late reply, been busy in my Willy Wonka shop :slight_smile:

@HKO yes probably what happens when one makes the intro after the tunes has been made. :slight_smile:

@Early21 - You off course nailed it perfect :smiley: just having a lot of fun :wink:

Thanks for your comments as always appreciated.