ARC 2.5 blacklisted - 64Bit - why?

is there an explanation why ARC 2.5 is blacklisted? The standalone app for measuring is 32 Bit but this is completely irrelevant for Cubase since the Room Correction Plugin itself is 64Bit.

Thx, Ernst

PS.: I know it can be manually reactivated - but still: Why is it blacklisted in the first place?


The reason is, the plug-in didn’t pass Cubase plug-in test. Something doesn’t follow the VST standard.

Btw, is the plug-in VST 2.4 or higher?

Strange… here ARC 2.5 on mac os x is not blacklisted

yes - although obviously it may not be the same across different platforms.

Despite what Martin says and repeat often ! it’s not consistent. Search in these forums and you will see loads and loads of posts about blacklisted plugins - and plugins that are mis-identified as 32bit when they are 64bit.

I run nuendo and cubase on the same system and cubase often randomly blacklists stuff that isn’t blacklisted in cubase. These are generally plugins that run just fine after renabling.

Something changed in SB’s code and it’s now very fussy about something - or they have introduced yet another bug (most likely IMO) that affects the scan - it would be good if Martin actually said what has changed instead of just saying “contact the plugin vendor”. Maybe then the could revert the change.

The irony of the whole situation is that i still occasionally have plugins that crash and these ARE NOT blacklisted - so whatever they are checking for isn’t actually helping much. Interestingly I have also had SBs own plugins be blacklisted.

Obviously this doesn’t fit Martin’s view of the situation so it can’t be true - so let’s repeat the same line “contact the plugin vendor”

I honestly speaking question the whole approach: there is no need for blacklisting any piece of software by another piece of software and thus disabling it. Provide a List with test results and its enough. I can deciced which risk to take and which not - no need for some questionabel algorithm taking the decision instead of myself doing it.