arc ending on a pause ?

I need an arc end on a pause.
It’s kind of a motif that should lead to a conclusion note but which is avoided. A kind of unfulfilled musical idea.
I try to move the slur but cant.

You can move it in Engrave mode if you want to: select the right-hand end of the slur and drag it using Alt+click-drag. But I would advise against it.

You should be able to move the slur in Engrave mode. It’s not particularly advisable as if the layout changes the slur won’t make sense - you’d also need to fix the slurs separately in each layout.

The alternative would be to put a note (in an extra voice) in the final bar, scaled to 1% and with a hidden stem, then slur to that. Again, you’ll need to Propagate Properties so that the scaling copies to the part layouts, but you won’t run into problems if the layout changes in future.

ok I see the problems - It goes to the wish list then. I guess it’S no big deal for the programmers to make the slur also lock to pauses or symbols or whatever.

No, we have no plans to allow slurs to end on rests. It’s not an issue of how difficult or otherwise it might be, it’s simply that it doesn’t make sense.

If you really must have this notation, it can be done: enter a note in the fifth bar, extend the slur to it, and hide it. That will keep the length of the slur stable if the spacing or casting-off changes. Add the whole rest in another voice and adjust its position on the staff. Adjust the end point of the slur as necessary in Engrave mode.

I’m curious if the OP is looking for “Laissez Vib” and perhaps a tie should be used instead of a slur.

Or is there another interpretation ? Some wind/string players interpret (or misinterpret ?) this as a “gentler” cutoff. How would this articulation be notated if the tie is interpreted as an unconstrained let-vibrate ?

I think the OP’s original image makes it quite clear that he/she is not looking for an l.v. tie.

As with all “non standard” notation, who (except the author) knows what it is supposed to mean?

It might be a very slow arpeggiated chord with all 3 notes under the slur sustained, for example…

@Kim, I was looking for that solution as well but can’t find anything like “hiding notes” in the HELP

I gave pretty much the same suggestion before Kim. Do I need to explain further?

got it Pianoleo. I just overread your posting :-/

You’ll find Edit > Remove Rests helpful in this situation :wink: