Arc of Days

A couple of years back my friend Sav Roubinas sent me some music
to which I wrote melody and lyrics. Here is a _Diverized_© version of
that project. I’ve kept 90% of the melody but changed the time signature.

Contemplations on mortality.


very nice the lyrics are great conjuring lots of images,i get nice warm feelings from you stuff.great playing from the heart . would loved to have heard a real drummer on this, the opening which is a bit rigid kind of makes this apparent or maybe a bit more time spent programming the drums, but i`m guilty of that one.
i remember sav ,allways an active and popular member.

I agree with Polgara; another wonderful song with great lyrics, well put together. The sound has a certain live room quality to it, not creamy like one of my favorites of yours, “You Can Still See the Stars”. I think the stiffness of the drums is part of it, especially in the beginning where they’re exposed.

Thought provoking and touching.

Hi Jet,

A new Pearldivers song, what a treat! :slight_smile:

Great song, nice harmonies on the second verse and the chorusses.

Cheers, my friend!



appreciated the listens and feedback.

I have revised the drums throughout.

Happy Year of the Monkey to all.


Cool number… :sunglasses: :sunglasses:
laid back sound and VERY clean production…
very nice arrangement instrumentally…such a pleasure to listen to…

best, Kevin :slight_smile:

The drums sound a lot better, I think. What a great song. I wish Sav was still hanging around here.

Thanks for the further listens chaps.

Apart from rendering to tape, this master was
first use of my Warm Audio EQP-WA. Had to
render two split channels individually, but
worth the effort.

It’s the greatest bit of gear in my rack now.

Listening again, you have to notice that it’s way quieter than most of your other stuff. I checked against “You can Still See The Stars”, one of my favorites (that album is on my permanent rotation), but this one is way quieter than all that I checked against. I mean it still sounds great, but don’t you want to turn the maximizer back on, or whatever equivalent you use? Maybe this is what I heard (or did not hear) that led to my “creaminess” comment.

Hi Leon,

thanks for the feedback, very much appreciated.

I re-visited the master and you were right in spotting
the relative difference in volume levels between the two
tracks. I think I’ve become quite conservative in my
“golden” years. :laughing: Or quite deaf. :confused: :blush:

I’ve done a fresh master, A/B-ing directly with “Stars”.

It was interesting for me to note that I didn’t need a limiter,
and that there are analogue overs throughout. I believe that’s
a combination of tape and Warm Audio EQ. They appear to
flatten the peaks very naturally and musically.

Anyway, having done all that, I hope it sounds OK now.

Like it very much after the changes; you get a very rich and complete sound with your mixes. Another one for the collection.

Leon, thanks for the comments and
for prompting me to improve the track.
Am glad you like the mix.

When will we hear another Incontinentals tune?

Sav emailed me and asked me to pass on his hello.
Seems he cannot login here anymore. :confused:

Always working on ideas, but progress is slow. Band is in some sort of hiatus, so it will be a while before I record them again.