If I have a project badly managed at the level of folders like :
wav files in the folder /mickey
and my cubase project saved in the folder /donald

If I want to archive the project I do ‘prepare to archive the project’ (french translator …),
sometimes it doesn’t do anything …
So if I move the /mickey folder under the /donald
here cubase propose to me to define the working folder, it’s good and after I can do again ‘prepare to archive’ and it works fine, at the end I have all wav files in the /donald/audio folder.

Why doesn’t it work the first time ?

Well, Read the manual - Prepare archive copies all audio files into your project folder, which is /mickey
If you don´t set a different recording folder, all your audio files go there - so no need for Cubase to do anything, since all files are in the correct folder already.
If you move your project folder, it is no longer existing for Cubase, since the path has changed. Therefore you get asked, which you want your new project folder. You choose /donald, your audio files are in /mickey, so the files get copied to the newly defined project folder ->/donald.
Quite convoluted what you´re doing here, for whatever reason…

Ok. Now I 'm very rigorous to have a clean environment for my new projects.

If I defined a wrong recording folder at the start it’s the reason why archive didn’t work. So move audio folder (that I can see in the media lib) is a solution to define a new folder for the project. I understand now.

Thanks for your help ! :wink:


Is there a simpler way to reset the project/folder than move the audio folder ?

I´m still not completely understanding, what you´re trying to achieve, but “backup project” let´s you create a new project folder, with all the currently used files, so that you can delete the old one.

ok. Thank you. I knew but I didn’t know if there was another way.