Archiving Flows

This is a request for a the distant future…

It would be very helpful to archive flows, so they are available in a project to be unarchived, but are completely invisible otherwise and taking no system resources. I’m finding for some projects that I have 3 or 4 old versions of flows that I need to keep just in case. This would usually be taken care of in the computers file system, but now that flows exist (yay!!) it would be marvellous to keep an entire project in one file.

I’m back in Finale for a project and it’s like driving a '70s car… I can’t see how anyone who gives Dorico enough of a trial would ever want to go back.

You can always exclude certain flows from certain (or all!) layouts.
Maybe I understood you wrong, but I think this might come close to what you ask for.

I already have flows excluded from all layouts, so maybe they are not using any resources anyway? I’m not sure. But a way of archiving them so they look different and take up less space in Setup mode would be helpful.