Archiving multi-output Rack Instruments

Hi !

I loaded a drum kit in Kontakt and routed every drum to another output.
I used alot of insert slots/side-chains/automations/etc, right on the output channels through my work, and I’m happy with my designs, and I’d like to use it again.
Problem is I can’t archive/save information that is on the output channels.
Saving instrument preset will only save the information inside.

I don’t know if the solution should come from the “track archive” option or the instrument panel options, but this really should be solved.
If I like a something I’ve made I should be able to use it as much as I want.

Another problem rising from this issue is that if you accidentally remove the instrument from the rack , all the information of the output channels is erased immediately, this could be hours of work, and you can’t even undo it !
Even back-ups are not enough.
Your only choice is to go back to your last backup and keep going from there, and lose all the new things you did since.
Ofcourse you should backup very often, manually and automatically, but this could lead to major problems.

The only solution I see right now is routing the outputs directly to group tracks and do everything there, but I think Cubase can do better than that.

Cheers :sunglasses:

You could delete other stuff from your project and save as a project template. But yeah, it would be good to be able to save output channel info with multi-omulti-out instruments for recall inside a project.

I could, as long as I know I’m going to use it from the very beginning of the project.
But I can’t import it to an existing project.