ARCO not responding to strings post pizz.

I know this has been discussed ad nauseun, but I’m only adding a comment here because it may be helpful, as it seems to be a slightly different behavior. And if the answer has already been discussed, I haven’t found it.

In the example below (using NP3), the arco switch works, but ONLY because I assigned it to the quarter rest. When I assign it to the quarter note at the start of the slur, it doesn’t trigger.

The strange thing is that, even when I assign arco to the note, the technique is showing correctly in Play mode - it shows it switching from pizz to legato, then natural.

But then when I assign the arco to the note and delete the upbow, it triggers correctly. So it seems Dorico can deal with the simultaneous acro and slur, but the upbow is causing the issue.

pizz to arco.png