Are All Updates Cumulative?

I’m sure this has been asked 1000 times, but I’ve looked for about an hour or more and just couldn’t find anything among the posts.

So…are all the updates cumulative?

For instance, I’m still using 7.5.20 and didn’t do the 7.5.30 update, nor did I do the 8.0.5 one.

So do the 7.5.40 and 8.0.10 cover all that’s included in the previous update versions?

And the same for HALion?

I would assume so, but I’d like to be sure.

Thanks Buds,


Short answer : Yes ! ^^

Thanks ‘z’.

Any ‘long answers’ I may want to know about?

The long answer is that sometimes things get broken with an update.

Hahaha! I guess that’s what I was trying to avoid reading. :smiley: