Are CC copied when copying/pasting notes from a staff?


I’ve noticed that when copying and pasting notes from a staff to another one, no CC data is copied.

Am I missing some option/shortcut, or this is not possible?


No, data in the automation lanes are not copied when you copy and paste music in Write mode. At present you cannot copy and paste automation data in Play mode but this is planned for the future.

Thank you for this information, Daniel.

By the way: I sometimes hesitate to answer to thank you (or the other developers), because I fear that removing your name from the thread line would also remove a signal that there is one of your answers there. Do you think that people looking for your answers would be able to find them anyway?


I don’t think it’s a problem if somebody other than me or another Steinberg person has the last word in a thread.

I agree


Glad to see morale is high and that the Team has such a great sense of humor.

Hi Daniel, it seems that is was not implemented in Dorico 3.5. I hope this can be made into the next version. I don’t see any alternative when layering.


the biggest problem here for me is that libraries often require dynamic fine-tuning with a secondary dynamic controller. When passages are repeated later in the score with copy/paste, all this information has to be redone. It makes no sense that only the score dynamics allocated to the primary controller are copied.

Using the system track, everything should ideally be copied in both Play and Write mode imo but in the meantime then at least implementation in Play mode where even one automation line at a time can be done would be a huge step forward and greatly appreciated.