Are Cubase 9.5 users authorized to install Cubase AI on another machine w/ no dongle?

Am I, as a full retail Cubase 9.5 user, authorized to download and install the non-demo version of Cubase AI on another machine with no dongle?

sure, you just can’t run it without license.

So if I’m understanding this correctly, as a full 9.5 user, I will then be given a license for the AI version to be used in the “Soft-eLicenser” section of Control Center, for any lesser version of Cubase that doesn’t require a dongle such as Elements, or Cubase AI. Correct?

Also, for now, I want to install the AI version alongside Cubase 9.5 on my current Mac, as I will be receiving a new Mac for Christmas.
My current Mac will then become the family laptop in my 12-year-old son’s room hooked up to his USB keyboard so I can teach him Cubase.

It seems that the AI download link always installs the latest version, (10.5) Will I be allowed to register AI 10.5 as a current 9.5 user?

No, you can download and install, but unless you buy an AI Version which then comes with a soft eLicenser, you can run AI only with the Pro License on your dongle. You do not get an additional AI License until you buy one.

No you will not.

For me, Cubase all started by installing the Cubase Elements Trial version in 2013 at which point I said "I like this! I’m buying the full version. So I did but I had a little trouble with the install so I opened a ticket and someone helped me out. The problem was fixed. I then asked, “should I uninstall the Cubase Elements Trial version” and I was told “you can, or you can just keep it as well because it too is registered” so I thought “well that would be good if I ever lost my dongle”

Has that all changed?

Or could I just Install Cubase Elements 9.5 to have Cubase on another Computer since I already own the full Cubase 9.5 version?

Can I buy the AI version alone, without hardware, How much is that? I didn’t see that as an option. If so, could you send a link?

I donˋt know what someone told you in 2013 and why we are now suddenly talking about Cubase Elements, but if you installed and activated elements trial version, it will no longer run after the trial period has ended thats how it has always been.

You can install whatever you want on whatever computer, but it will not run with a valid license. If you donˋt buy the elements version, you will not get a soft license, therefore you will have to run your elements version with your „Pro“ USB elicenser.