Are custom Key Commands supposed to show up in context menu?

I’ve assigned a few custom key commands. For example, I assigned one for Enable/Disable Track. When I right-clicked the track and accessed the context menu, it was not showing my custom key next to “Disable Track”. Is this normal? Does Cubase only show the factory key commands on its context menus? And if so, I guess that means if we re-assign a certain key command, it won’t update in the context menus… which would suck.

Can someone confirm if custom keys are supposed to show on these right-click menus? If so, then I have found a bug.

What I can deduce is that the key command has to match the context menu exactly. The key command ‘Select All on Tracks’ which corresponds to the context menu item, ‘Select All Events’ doesn’t update, but ‘Remove Selected Tracks’ which corresponds to the context menu item, ‘Remove Selected Tracks’ does match the context menu item, so it updates.

Is it a bug? I guess that depends on how one defines ‘bug’. Does it bug me? Yes it does, a bit. :neutral_face:

Hmm, sounds like sloppy inconsistency from Steinberg.
Def should be added to next minor release update in my opinion.

Maybe, but I think it might possibly also have to do with mixing legacy and new code, which becomes unavoidable eventually.