Are Function buttons 1-4 supposed to light up when engaged?

Just curious as mine do not. However, they do light up when CC1221 is initialized.

depends which mode you are using your CC121 in - it’s the bank setting in the cc121 device thing…

if you got it to user assignable then they don’t light up. It a shame because for things that toggle it would be really useful.

Ah, ok, then it’s “working” as designed. Would be nice if it worked with toggle buttons for sure.

The whole of question of button illumination on the CC121 has IMHO been poorly thought out. Other threads discuss the lack of general visibility under low-level lighting conditions.

And now this. It certainly seems pretty silly to have buttons which illuminate on start up, but which are maybe never lit again for a particular set up, despite the buttons being pressed.

I totally agree. I like mixing in the dark, and love to have the function buttons light when toggled.

that would be awesome

i have “automation loop” mapped to key 1 and “automation preview” to key 2.
it’s a waste of screen space to always keep the automation panel open just to see they are engaged

+1 to all the suggestions re. having the function buttons lit. Surely this would be an easy thing to ‘fix’ so that they are lit for all set-up types ?

Hi Guys

After promoting the CMC modules, to be honest, I don’t belive in an additional effort from Steinberg/Yamaha to fix some of the mentioned problems, reported in the past two years related to the CC121.

Anyway, I can life with the functionality of the CC121 so far and give the CMC’s a try, if they are available in the shops.

In my opinion, the CC121 is designed for another clientel that the CMC’s, but…let’s see. :confused:


Maybe we could have an option to illuminate the buttons when in user assignable mode, Steinberg?


Yes please.

As Depeche Mode would say, “Dream on . . . Dream on.”

I have now come to the conclusion that there will be no further updates of any kind for the CC121.

I still do not believe that with respect to the illumination of the buttons, the unit performs in the way the designers would have originally intended.

As previously pointed out, in certain low-usage situations it may well be that the only thing lit is the power led.

Daft I call it.

I beleive the matter of lights is still in discussion regarding the CMC series.

I hope they will fix the CC also. I asked the same question about the function buttons in the CMC thread, but there no one answered.