Are Groove agent kits already balanced?

When I use a Groove agent kit, are they already balanced ? should I treat the output track as a drum group?

You could activate all 16 outputs in the inspector.
Then right click on each drum sound / pad and assign each drum sound to an output to mix if that’s what you’re asking.

Some Kits come “pre-wired” with multiple outputs already assigned, others provide a “kit mix” inside of GA with everything routed to the Master GA output.

GA (full or SE) is a highly flexible drum system. Not only can you assign audio outputs, but, you can also assign pads to the Internal Agent Outputs.

Load a bunch of the different presets and you’ll find some good example kits.

As far as “Group” goes. I usually send all the Drums to a Drum Group or Drum Mix (group track). This Drum Mix then goes to the Mix Bus which is the last Group Track before Stereo Out.

Obviously there’s many ways one can work things. What’s best for one Project may not be what’s right for another.

Good luck. :slight_smile: