Are Groove Agent loops (patterns) really just pop/rock/hiphop?

I have had Groove Agent SE as part of Cubase for years and really didn’t do much with it. It is now packaged with Dorico 5, so I spent some time with it today. My goal was to drag a few simple bossa nova patterns into my Dorico project.

Maybe I don’t understand the UI, but I couldn’t find anything of a Latin nature that wasn’t frantic techno speed. Almost everything I saw was geared to rock. My questions are:

  • Am I missing something in GA SE?
  • Is the full Groove Agent package any broader in its musical coverage? I really couldn’t find any information about the patterns that might be in the full product.

I do have a license for Addictive Drums and a few of their loop packs, and that works about the same as GA, but has more patterns that are useful to me.

Before I give up on GA, I just want to know if I am overlooking something important.