Are Lanes Broken?

I just MIDI recorded 2 different tracks with lanes. I can see the lanes and edit them but they do not sound when played via transport. I can click an individual note and it will sound but that’s it. I read a few prior posts where people were having a similar problem but saw no resolution. I also turned off the control room but that did not help.

Is there a trick to making them sound? I have some really good material recorded there so I saved the project and hope there is some way I can get these to play properly.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

I am assuming that you are using the stacked setting on the transport bar. Possibly the lanes are muted if the recording cycled back before you stopped recording. Perhaps that is too simple a reply?

Yes, I’m using stacked but I don’t understand the rest of your reply. My last set of lane recordings has about 64 lanes. I can see them and highlight them. They just don’t sound anywhere.

Can you hear the midi instrument as you are playing it?
I am assuming that you can.

Are the lanes greyed/white out?
Have you tried using the mute tool. The X.
The stacked recording cycle works by muting each lane as the next one is recorded.
Some times if you have stopped playing and the next lane appears all those above it are muted.
However I am guessing that as the last track is not sounding for you there might be another issue at work.

Might I suggest setting up another project and import a midi file from your present project and see if that works. That might help establish whether there is an issue with the project you are working with. If you open a new project with a suitable midi instrument and then open the troublesome project, but don’t activate you can transfer the midi files directly. Also try exporting a midi file as well.

I am not sure this will help but you never know.

The last track plays. I can’t get the other tracks to play. Perhaps, I’m not doing this correctly. I’m clicking on a track to highlight it, hitting the solo button as well but it won’t play. Does playing a lane require special consideration?

Your reason for ignoring the post before your last is? :confused:

bobland, it has to do with the mode you have selected in “MIDI record mode” in the transport. Look, there are two stacked modes.

Mode is Keep History + Stacked Auto=OFF. I copied the track with the Lanes and pasted it into a new project. Wouldn’t play there either.

OK. I tried it again on a new project. This time I used Keep History + Mix Stacked (No Mute). It worked as expected with no problems. So Lanes is not broken. Is there a way I can get back the lanes in my previous project?

Been answered, but for some reason you choose to ignore it.

My apologies for being stupid. I didn’t realize the tracks were muted to begin with so using X didn’t make sense to me. After trying again, and using the X I realized my mistake, went back to the original project and every thing is working great.

Thanks to all for putting up with me.

Glad to help.
God knows I have had these moments myself.

I should also have mentioned that you could use the comp tool (the finger) to highlight the track or click on the little black square at the bottom of the part.