Are macros menu available with right clicking project?

i am still using cubase 7.5 i a don’t know if this has changed! so i am curiose


Do you mean the full menu, which appears, when you right-click to the project (and “Pop-up Toolbox on Right-Click” preferences id disabled)? If you mean this, then there are no macros.

Did it change from C7.5 to C8?

I think i mean that! It’s the conect menu where were we get tons of functions, audio bounce, normalize … In cubase 7.5 is not implemented i had hope it was present in cubase 9 because it seems so useful. Because with a little config it’s where i set everything i really need most and so nice to be easy available. In 7.5 i have to go to top menu, macros and click which is usually a very long way for something i tend to use a lot


You can assign your own Key Commands. :wink: