Are MIDI, and audio, and MIDI-Audio timing problems just PC?

Do Mac users have these same issues?

No. The MIDI issue, describes here, is Windows only.

But, of course, if you record from different devices, sources (for example from 2 dfferent sequencers), which are not synchronized, it could be problem on Mac too. This is not problem of OS, but problem of these devices, diffenret clocks.


My view on this is quite narrow, since I’ve used only M-Audio stuff for the last few years. Certainly nothing fancy, but minus a slow start getting to 64 bit, their driver support has been pretty good.

I do remember having some problems with this 10 years or so ago, with some setup I had at the time, but never since then. I remember having to move those files around to reconfigure which MIDI devices (using whichever Windows time-base) were showing up, and it worked back then.

I’d ask of anyone running into this, if they are using some interface that was never intended for pro audio, and if they have the latest drivers. I could be completely off base, and this might still be a common problem, but I just haven’t experienced it.

Hello I have had problem with E-MU 0202 in one home studio too. I have never problem with RME in different studio. (Both on Windows)

I think you mean, “Yes”, Martin (it is a Windows problem only) - but thank you for your definitive answer!!

I know a new computer will be in my future in the next couple of years. Knowing what I know now about the MIDI timing issue, I’m wondering why I should even consider buying a PC again. The learning curve of using a MAC can’t be that hard, and the additional cost compared to a PC would seem manageable when spread out over 5-10 years (“I have been a fool for lesser things…”, William Joel).

I’m not going to answer your question other than to say you’ll nearly always get the same predictably biased answer on the mac/PC question depending on who you ask. Either platform should be fine for you. Know that the MIDI timing problem on PC, if it still exists with your MIDI device, is easily correctible by moving around a file or two. It was for me anyway. I guess I shouldn’t try to speak for everyone in all scenarios.

If you’re upgrading to a new computer research all the main components in the usual magazine articles and forums.
DAW forums are not generally the best places to go as they are composed mainly of posters who have problems while the regular helpers are not online all the time and as they don’t know everything as individuals (like me they’ll probably know a lot about certain aspects of Cubase and maybe certain aspects of systems) it may take a while to get your specific queries answered.

In the main I’d say that PCs would be as good as anything to get conventional studio type recordings done. Some use Mac, some report moving to this or that platform. If you’re specialising in very accurate timings or very large orchestrations things can always get a bit muddy so as well as enquiring here look for any forums that are commonly used by composers / producers / engineers etc. similar to yourself.

Thank you, Conman. I don’t trust myself to avoid a bad decision on choosing components, and then assembling them, much in the same way I’d pay an electrician to wire my house rather than being satisfied with a google/youtube self-education - the downsides of a mistake outweigh the money I’d save doing it myself (OK, maybe an overdramatic analogy, but in my situation it’s not too way out). Currently I have a Clarion pre-built computer, only create very small projects relative to the many I’ve seen floating about on the web, and I’ve been happy with the results for the most part. But on reflection, there have been enough unanticipated behaviors that I would never be surprised if I had a system crash at any time (though I’m sure reading the ever-ubiquitous fora horror chronicles make me expect the worse more than I reasonably should).

So, since stability and accuracy are some of the most important criteria in my next computer, I plan to either get another commercial pre-built model (Clarion, Rain, etc.), or a Mac. (Come to think of it, I will have to research if any of the pre-builts ARE Mac). Thus, the basis for my post title!

Sorry Alex, you are right, I mean “yes”. Sorry, mine native language can make tuplets, or more negatives. What is quite nice, and creative. But not good for English. :slight_smile:


No prob, Martin - Mockrát děkuju ?

i only spent around $300 on my new computer, and from experience
id have to say Cubase 6 works much better on Win 7 than XP… if ur
still on XP. Pretty much trouble free with my FP10, other than needin
to reset my computer before i start each day bcause sometimes the sound breaks
up on me…i also use “sleep” mode…so that might b some of the issue.
otherwise im quite happy with my new “musically dedicated” PC…zimmyjim


Good to know this! Someone wrote: nobody didn’t say, Cubase doesn’t work on XP, in different thread. So, Cubase works on XP, but not so good. Thanks!


It works fine on XP but Steinberg does not support it i.e. they don’t want to waste their time answering questions about how Cubase works on XP, win98, win95, win3.11. They just have to draw the line somewhere.