Are midi remote scripts project based? Or global?

I’ve been dealing with this since the release of v12 , thought I’d finally just ask.

When I install a midi remote script, close the program, and reopen it, the midi script is gone. If I however install it and then save the project file, when I open it back up, it’s there and working.

I recently just installed the script on my template project I usually use (and re-saved that template) so that any time I open the template, it’s working. But if I then open an older project file, it’s not there and doesn’t work.

This makes me believe the midi scripts are project based, not global. Can anyone confirm?

PS - The script I’m talking about was a user created script that I downloaded from here. (Specifically the Faderport V2 script created by WEM)

When you add a MIDI Controller Surface, the script should be bound to that MIDI controller and will be automatically loaded when the device is connected. Does it show up in the MIDI Remote tab when you load an old project? What do you see?

It’s very odd and I think a bug. Here are a few scenarios:

Open Cubase, open old project: midi remote NOT working

Open Cubase, open template where midi remote was imported and saved: midi remote working

Open Cubase, open template where midi remote was imported and saved, THEN open old project: midi remote working

So, the only time it works is if I open my template FIRST (the template in which I imported the script and then re-saved), BEFORE any older project. Only then will the midi remote script work in the older project.

If I open the older project first, it doesn’t work, and it is NOT listed in Midi Remote tab.

I’ve noticed similar behaviour but not on a “simple” port pair.
The issue you describe happens to me when I’m using 2 port pairs and another single port (just for input).
Do you have a similar setup?