Are MIDI Sends for 1 MIDI Channel -> Multiple VSTs gone?

I’ve used this trick in older versions of Cubase where you could set a MIDI Send with no effect and add a second, third, fourth etc VST so I can basically route 1 MIDI track to multiple VSTs.

I’ve cannot seem to find this. I haven’t tried to do it since Cubase 4 or 5, and I also just switched to Mac, so is this functionality gone in either Cubase 7 or the Mac version? Has it been replaced? Anyone know how to do this?

Spent 2 hours reading the manual, Googling, and playing - I’m stuck!

maybe a wee look through the forums !

He didn’t answer my question in my thread. Yes it was this way in the past. That was his answer, but it’s not there in version 7. So I just can’t turn on the MIDI sends like I was told to do. … Randy

Unlike what I tend to see so much of in this forum (“RTFM”, “read the forums”) I’ll try share what I just learned transparently, because I have found that you can search these forums for ages and not find what you want. I spent 2 hours and never came across your thread.

Randy, what I just learned is that you can’t do this using the MIDI sends in the Channel Settings, you need to use the MIDI sends in the Inspector. For me, it was off by default, so I had to left-click the inspector to show the MIDI send element.

Once I did that, I could turn on the send and accomplish what i wanted. I have attached a screen shot I hope you will find helpful.
Screen Shot 2013-01-24 at 11.16.19 PM.jpg

And the picture thinkingcap posted shows turning the midi send on… where?

In the inspector!!!

Split, I’m trying to be helpful to other members, he obviously didn’t get it the first time. I obviously didn’t get it after my 2 hours. Being helpful and friendly to new members is probably going to make this a more useful forum, so that’s what I intend to do. You go ahead and do whatever you want, but I personally think the attitude could go away and this would be a more useful place.

Now dont be silly, I ask you to re read, where is the attitude! I posted a direct link to the solution. Now stop complaining about non existent, made up rubbish… :unamused: (yes that was a bit of attitude)

The Inspector is one of the few areas where they haven’t made too many changes (it’s the only place where the alt click still brings up the popup faders).
So I imagine this will work for you now - but in the next version it will probably be gone too, so you might want to find a more permament solution - 3rd party plugin or make an official request to Steinberg to reinstate this “feature” if indeed it was a feature, and not a loophole.

Maybe I misinterpreted it, but when I said I had been searching for two hours and you say to take “a wee read of the forums” that came across as unfriendly. I never once complained about anything, I just said I was going to be transparent in a reply and try help someone.

Thanks. I’ll research them. I also figured I could work around it by routing things through my 8x8 MIDI interface but it seemed like it should be possible all on the box.

Are you that sensitive in real life? :laughing:

Anyway all’s good, we have the solution… Job done :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the pointer to the solution.

Cheers, it was thinkingcap that posted the solution, and I know he’s sensitive :laughing:

My inspector doesn’t have a MIDI sends tab. It’s missing. Here’s the screen shot. The tabs go from MIDI Inserts to MIDI Fader. No MIDI sends.

Screen Shot.png

Try right clicking in a blank bit of the inspector!

You’re my hero … you can belittle me, dog me, tell me to search. I don’t care… you had me at “right click” …


At least I´m not as unfriendly towards people as you are - you and your attitude… :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :laughing: :laughing: