Are MIDI VST plugins like CableGuys MIDIshaper about to become obsolete in Cubase 12?

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Sorry, this category is meant for VST plugin developers.

My apologies good sir.

I do do some basic hobbyist development, I was just using those plugins as a reference for the question.

People really forget about MIDI effect production, it creates a very different result compared to audio FX. I loved sending CableGuys MIDIshaper out to my MIDI supported analog synths, because you are adding LFOs beyond the synths capability and to destinations that the synths internal LFOs don’t access. So much fun.

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It is possible for a VST3 plugins to receive MIDI CC when the plugin has corresponding parameters.
The VST3 plugin could send MIDI Legacy CC to its outputs too… Ido not see any problem to develop a VST3 replacement for such VST2 plugins.

Thanks for the response, I think this is the first someone has directly addressed it. If this is the case, hopefully it is known by the devs of these plugins.

Based on these threads, it seemed very uncertain:

Thanks for taking the time to respond and address the concerns.