Are Music Scores Possible?

Is it possible to view a piano (or any instrument) MIDI track in the format of a music score with staffs and notes on the staffs (like reading music from a song sheet)? In other words, as a alternative to a piano roll view, and, if so, can I then print the score?

Reason is I improvised a complex song and want to figure out my chords and where the chord changes are located for adding additional tracks. If I can create a piano score/song sheet I can find and mark those locations, add the chord notations and then add additional accompanying tracks knowing where to make the chord changes.

Thanks in advance.

Hi MercedesCP4,

Cubasis does not include score options as of now.

However you are able to transfer Cubasis projects to Cubase on Mac/Win which shows up with a dedicated score editor to fulfill your requests.


That’s what I thought, but wanted to confirm.I appreciate your response.