Are my ears not hearing right?

Okay, so I made this instrumental beat. I cannot understand why the bass guitar sounds so wierd to me. I check all notes and it is in key. I haven’t done any pitch bends in the song.

Anyone wanna take a listen? Am I just going crazy?

Help, please?

Hi Mrd, are you asking if the bass sounds out of key? It sounds in key to me. Where does it sound wrong to you? I did notice that when the strings come in with that 16th note pattern, it almost makes the bass sound like it has a tremelo. Is that what you mean?

oh good… no, what I was saying is that the bass sounds OFF Key. nothing about tremelo of what-not.

So you feel it is in key then… okay im starting to get some relief here.

anyone else?

Nothing wrong with the bass imo.

Has the bass got a chorus effect on it…that sometimes makes it sound a bit iffy ( with my stuff anyway )…but I think it sounds ok …just chorused…

When the song starts it’s a bit confusing, to be honest, not really interesting. But when those orchestrations in the back started playing it became rapidly VERY interesting.
Nothing wrong with the bass here in terms of tuning. Still I would double this with a pure deep sine wave to get that
big R&B bottom. Bit tricky, you could High pass the origenal bass to make room for the sine and then use eq and compressing to even the sine out.

Also the harp like sound, I don’t like the ambience you choose. It’s a very hard room like reverb, I would make that more light. When the song progresses the harplike sound get’s burried in the mix, and that’s a pitty. I woudl mix everything around that sound not over it.
Also a sort of stereo delay (like 8d left 4d right) mixed in lightly on the harplike sound would bring it out a bit more along with a bigger smoother hall verb.

Last thing, about that harplike sound (sorry) get the low out of it, then you can mix it in easier, so again a high pass filter and turn it up as long as it sounds natural.

It’s just what I should do, not intendet as critisism :slight_smile:

Greetz Dylan.

hey how do I do that bass sine you are talking bout?! Is that a plug in ??? HELP :slight_smile:

hey how do I do that bass sine you are talking bout?! Is that a plug in ??? HELP

I don’t know what plugins you have but you can do it with Prologue.
Empty the whole synth, remove all envelope and LFO parameters.
Just one oscillator that playes a sine wave.

Copy the basspart and let prologue play it via the sinewave oscillator.
Tune it as low as you can, meaning that it’s still audible offcourse. Somewhere starting from 50 Hz and up.

When using such a sine the keyboardrange is mostly just one octave, beyond that the sound gets’s to thin when it’s to high, and almost silent when to low. So you have to tweak the part, transpose those notes into the best range. You can do this easily by selecting the complete upper or lower part and transpose that an octave into the range.

If you hear audioclicks while playing the part solo then gently set the attack and release with the envelope generator
to even that out. The attack is in the original basspart anyway.

Then the biggest problem, you will hear that some notes are very deep and beefy, and others have no such low bottom.
Prologue’s sine osc is unfortunately not really consistant, so you can either remedy that with volume automation or with the use of eq and compressors.

Now play the part together with the original and roll off the low end of the original so it makes room for the new deeper sinewave part.

Sounds like a lot of work, but if you do this often you will find a very fast workflow and make all your bassparts a lot deeper.

Greetz Dylan.