Are my preset ratings going to be modified by the community?

I’m going through rating thousands of halion patches. I read that the community can overwrite your ratings !!!
When i finish rating them all, i’m going to screen print my 4 and 5 rating, just in case. Can this be avoided ? will people re-rate my ratings from a 1 to a 5 and totally frig me up ?

Huh? What “community” can you possibly mean? It’s a setting in a file on your computer.

The problem with with the ratings is they default to three stars (and not zero like it should) so each release that includes new presets will have them set to 3 stars intermingled with your own ratings.

You know that is a huuuuge amount of work. Are you sure the cost vs. benefit is really worth it?

OK …i get it now.I though i read that someone out there can change the rating, maybe the software takes an average of all rating for a patch and that’s what the next update could download… In other words, if i would give SUITCASE CHORUS a 5 ratings, but everyone else rates it a 1, then the next update would reflect that new average rating…
now i think of it, that sounds bizarre , haha… maybe i take off my aluminum foil hat before i load cubase.

. and i did notice the 3 star ratings default … As a matter of fact, during my auditioning of the patches (do they still call it that , lol), i rate 1,2,4,or 5…
so when i’m done, any new presets from future updates, will be able to be targeted by the new … uh PROGRAM… (there, i found a better word than the 1980’s ‘patch’

I only use 4 & 5.

5 if I’ve used the patch somewhere and 4 if I think it is something I might want to use. All the other stars I consider unrated.

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very good question ! here is my rational (or ir-rational)…

  1. after loading dozens of free VSTs and downloading trial VSTs, i found that Halion has the best universe of programs/sounds for my kind of music…
    I looked at the prices of those VSTs which would suit me , but they are either very expensive or don’t work on the Mac M1 (like retrologue whatever). i had SONIC SE, then got a special price version 3… and found $150 was a good price to upgrade to version 6
  2. As i’m going through the programs, i come across programs which inspire for a song to write. I have a composing-to-do list and i write the program names down. and, as i audition a program i of course have to test it out by banging a key or two to hear what it sounds like… sometimes, i start laying out a melody or note sequence which would also inspire a new song…
    I’ve got a lot of these ‘inspirational’ notes as i;m auditioning each program…
    In my case, i don’t using compose music because i have a melody in my head, so this additioning does help me alot … and if i find a chord progression i like, i can go to my 5 star program to quickly find sounds to build the song.
    Yet i also do what ‘normal’ people do with halion… I will write something… and just search the category i need. but frankly with thousands of programs, I wonder how people deal with that… if you don’t listen to them all, you may miss out on something.
    I bet you are sorry you asked, lol

true… maybe i should go your route… i rate 1 if its a dog, and a 2 when its pretty lame, but there is something about it that may be interesting in the future)… That’s how i found my wife… gave her a 2 rating, then ending up as a 5 rating, and here we are together after 38 years. :wink:

Problem with low ratings (1 or 2) is that it’s impossible to filter them out. If you select 1 star it will show anything that has 1 or more starts, basically everything.

crap ! you’re right !..

==== anyway, normally, i sort depending on ratings, so my 4s and 5s show up at the top. i ignore everything below a 4.
i would rarely go down below 4, but i;d get the 2s and 3s first if i wanted to dig lower in my ratings.

Always found the default three-star rating odd, after some trial/error I decided to go simple. Rather than “downgrade” a patch I would not use from 3 stars to 1 or 2 stars I just leave them at 3 stars, would be too much time spent on something I’m not using. Plus, there is always a possibility that some of those 3 stars will speak to me in the future (if I dropped something to a 1 star I would never re-listen to it).

If I like it, then it gets 5 stars. I do a lot of tweaking so I always do a “save as” with similar name, makes it easy to sort and gives quick access to the original patch for reference.

Once I got my own preset rating system down in HALion I found it very easy to navigate and use the same system with all Steinberg VSTi’s. I try do the same in some of my favorite non-Steinberg VSTi’s but some of them have really clumsy preset interfaces.


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I did the same thing! Went through and rated EVERYTHING. It was an awful experience BUUUUUT it helped me find the good stuff. What I did was shift select EVERYTHING and make it zero stars. As I worked through it all, that’s when I rated things higher.

Just as an aside….he ratings are stored in a database file that you can back up. It’s in the hidden library folder if I recall directly.


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Yeah, I did that too. But the problem with that approach is that as new content is released it will be initially set to 3 stars and also be intermingled with your legit ratings.

So what happens when you guys upgraded to V7? Did it jack your rankings? Did it change what you had the default library rated at?

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