Are my presets safe when updating?

I have Halion (6.0.15) installed and I think it’s time to update after two years of using this version.

Over the years, I have saved all my Halion vst “presets” as groups in Ableton Live 10 as I find this easier for my workflow. My presets are therefore not stored inside Halion’s preset manager, but as Instrument Racks containing Halion vst instances in my Ableton Live user library. What has keeping me from updating Halion has been my worrying that these preset groups will revert to some kind of default state of the settings inside Halion.

Most of these presets have very finely adjusted settings with my own custom samples and losing these sounds be a disaster since I use Halion in hundreds of my projects over the last years and I would have lost hundreds of hours of work, most of which would be irreversible.

So my question is whether these presets will open “as they were” in the newest version of Halion 6? Or if there’s a chance I will lose my presets by updating to the newest version.

I should mention that I so far over the years haven’t had a problem with Halion or Ableton “forgetting” my preset settings, but as I mentioned, I never updated the program.