Are Pre-Fader Sends the Only Option?

Are Pre-Fader Sends the Only way to route to another channel pre fader? Seems like it, but Cubase is so deep, just want to check


I can’t come to other way.

Any use case, why do you need something different?

Yeah not a problem - Just looking for optimum work flow. I use Direct Routing & Racks in Mix Console, keep that open on one of my graphics monitors thought option might be in there. Was just wondering to avoid opening the channel settings, also don’t gravitate to the Inspector often, my eyes aren’t great. And, wanting to know Cubase well. There is much still to learn - Really is not problem ~ Thanks for letting me know.


You can change the Pre-/Post-Fader in the MixConsole too. You don’t have to open Channel Settings Window.

if it was a snake it would have bit me - thank you much appreciated :slight_smile: