Are selection tools moveable by arrow keys?

Copying and pasting to remove noise would be easier if you could move the selection tools with the arrow keys on keyboard for perfect alignment in the frequency band. No?

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Seems like using the arrow keys would slow things down quite a lot, though.

Arrow keys for final placement for some selection functions makes sense. Just like ‘nudge’ in a DAW.

Arrow keys are very useful, for example, for fixing timing issues between tracks in a DAW. But I’ve never wished I could use arrow keys to fix noise problems in Spectralayers. There’s too much by-guess-and-by-golly involved in a lot of NR tasks. I wouldn’t know what to do with arrow keys with that degree of slop.

The grid tool helps and i use it. Arrow keys to slide selection tool would be quicker and easier it seems to me. Maybe it would be to difficult to program. I’m still learning things this amazing program can do.