Are 'studio sends' MIDI remote controlable?

I use Cubase 6.5, I would like musicians in the studio to adjust their individual headphones mixes using a behringer BCF2000 MIDI controler. Is it possible?

I’m used to Cubase’s midi generic remote, but I could not find the “studio sends” midi output destinations.

I’m pritty sure, it is possible in the Generic Remote Device. Try to find it in the VST Mixer.

I will try it afternoon.

The CB user Backbeat has set up for his subwoofer etc: a BCR2000 Generic Remote.xml
i don’t know how to do, but i know he has done because, i had to reasign them to other parameters…

but he has given useful names to the Parameters, so i think you’ll find them:
German: but look for the BCR2000_05052011.rar attachment…

Best Regards :slight_smile:

At last check, studio sends are not midi controllable. At least not with a generic remote. They can be controlled by an MCU Pro.
I’ve asked SB a number of times to allow users to control studio sends via midi but I don’t recall ever seeing any response.

Perhaps in ver 7…


It looks, I’m mistaken. I can’t find it.

I read in the link there is the possivilety to control the the studio sends by quickControl:

so create some dummy Tracks into youre default.cpr and just use the QuicControls…
and thean asign a generic remote to those QuickControls of those dummy tracks…

I’ve stopped using studio sends recently because I can’t find a way to ajust them with ANY of my devices.

I have: All the CMC controllers, a CC12, euphonix MC mix and a MC control but can’t for the life of me acces the studio sends :imp:


just found this from last time I asked this question :imp:


OK, had a spare minute today whilst checking some mixes to go to mastering.

Success :smiley:

on the euphonix mc mix you just have to keep pressing the page button on the aux patch and it gets to the studio sends and pans. hit flip and you’ve got them on the faders :smiley:


Oh man! I didn’t even think of this. I can flip on the MCU. MUCH easier to control studio send levels with a fader :smiley: :smiley:

Thanks for the tip!