Are the fade editors less annoying in 10.5? Hate how In/Out are separate windows+every time you open they stacked

Are the fade editors less annoying in 10.5?
Hate how In/Out are separate windows and every time you open they stacked on each other


In Cubase 9, it was one dialog. So if you opened Fade In and then Fade Out, you loose the Fade In overview. Now, there are 2 separated windows, so you can keep Fade In open, while editing Fade Out. It works like this since Cubase 10.0 and it’s the same in C10.5.

In use the Fade Editor window is extremely poor, and Martins post above is just a fake news story - making what in reality is a very poor implementation sound like great workflow!

That example requires an audio clip to have had an (unsuitable) fade added to the beginning and end manually. You then have to open a window to adjust the fade in, and then a second window to adjust the fade out!

The fact you can’t just have the fade window open, and then click on various audio clips to apply / adjust their fades is ridiculous!

As is not having the fade auto update when you change its shape…

Sorry, but this is really a C- grade, could do a lot better.

YES!!! I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE GOING NUTS OVER THIS. I don’t understand how this isn’t talked about more.

If you are a sound designer, sample editor, dialogue editor - any job where you are working with a lot of small chunks non-stop - this is SUPER SUPER annoying.

For one, I don’t see the need for two separate windows for In Fade, and Fade Out - just make it one window, and if an event doesn’t have one fade or the other - just gray it out.

As it currently is, what makes it even worse, is that every time the fade editors are opened, they are stacked ontop of each other EVERY TIME. I might open these 1000 times in a day literally - and every time I have to reposition one window to not be stacked ontop of the other.

Please fix this.

Also, important thread: