Are the fonts still blurry (like in 5.5)?


before upgrading, I’d like to know if some improvements have been done over the font display of C5.5? I couldn’t do long sessions because of the blurry font introduced in the 5.5 update.

So? Many views and no reply?

Thanks, I’m aware of the Hex editor “fix”, but I hope Steinberg fixed the font blurriness for me.

Maybe if some users who already have a copy of C6 could post a screenshot at full res so we could see how the font is? That’d be great.

Its funny as I have heard this complaint before but never understood it as they don’t look blurry to me

Seems it depends on the monitor you use or maybe the resolution, if you’d seen it you would know.
I changed font to Segoe UI and really prefer it to Sans Serif bold ----- I had hoped we might get a choice of fonts with C6.

Ooh look, something shiny

Knowing how Steinberg listen to their customers (but don’t necessarily act) they will probably in time make a font page or section in preferences.

Thanks anyway Steiny for all the other improvements you’ve made, should make for an interesting experience, particularly if you own all 3 of the main applications.

Well, I don’t know if the font used in C6 is the same, but on my system the C6 font looks way better (and I didn’t like the C5 font, too). Definitely an improvement!


Thats good to know, thanks.

Yes the fonts now are SegoeUI and are looking fine

Have you tried glasses? The old font might not be sharp but it’s very legible.

Not sure I thought they were blurry before but I can certainly say that on my set-up C6 looks great. A big step forward in style.


My post for link to fix for C5.5 users has been removed, but it is still at Cubendo.
In that post I said I had changed to SegoeUI and was much happier with it, so I am really pleased that stieny has listened, and a little lucky they picked the one I like. :smiley:

I think I should add though, that had I known that it was being dealt with I would not have looked for a fix, but quite a strident attitude was taken that it would not be changed, so reluctantly I used the fix.
I wonder whether C5.5* will get an update or whether it will be the only version with the now “unique” bold font.

@Oscat: is this the new font in C6?