are the new tablets with Win8 Pro capable of running Cubase


Every day I spend 2 hours on the train and I would like to use that time more efficiently by working on my songs. Unfortunately the type of trains I travel on don’t have a small table to put a notebook on so I was thinking about a Windows 8 Pro tablet. When I look at all the specs of the tablet on the market I see they only have 2GB of memory. Is this enough to run Cubase 7?

Your remarks are highly appreciated.



The minimum system requirements can be found on the Steinberg site - or do you want someone to look it up for you…?

It all depends on what you’re trying to run in your project.
If you have a full Win8 version (not RT!!!) then in theory it should work. However, the internal audio interfaces may not give a very satisfactory experience and I don’t think you’ll want to carry an external interface with you so don’t jump before trying it.