Are the VCA faders now working correctly?

As of Cubase 8.5.15?

PS. The only way I have survived this VCA saga, is to NOT starting using them. Are they now fully working as ADVERTISED?

I still do think that the VCA system should be 100% sepereated from the track grouping thing, but hey…

IMO Studio One got it right (on their first attempt). Fader volume, Mute and Solo is all it takes. NO rec-arming (nothing to do with a VCA system), and NO full track/VCA group selection, when selecting a single track.
Yes yes, I know that you can use the Alt key when selecting bla bla, but that is NOT the point.

The Nuendo way may be good, if Steinberg gets another year to fix it :blush:

yes they seem to be working fine here on my system. i would definitely not update in the middle of a project either.
way too risky with the uncertainty of every new update in such a complex application.

I have NOT yet done the update :wink:

PS. I don’t update in the middle of projects, and are trying to get some info so that I can plan some downtime… Yes it is business, no mocking about.

So thanks :unamused:

They were completely useless on C8.5 here initially but seem to be ok so far with 8.5.15… i’ve not dug too deep with them yet though but it does seem encouraging… previous projects from C8 are now working as expected on 8.5.15 at least in my own case… obviously though ymmv