Are there any controllers that follow the selected track in Cubase automatically?

I bought a Behringer X-Touch One DAW controller to use with Cubase but didn’t realise, that it wouldn’t automatically follow the selected tracks or automatically switch banks. That makes it basically useless for me. The problem is, as far as i’m aware that’s the case with almost every other daw controller because they all use the Mackie Control protocol. Are there any alternative controllers to the cc121 that would also automatically switch banks and follow the selected track in Cubase? Preferably a one fader controller with a motorised slider?

No longer readily available, but still working fine, is my Frontier AlphaTrack. If you can find one, I can tell you how to set up the driver so it will work with Windows 10 x64 and Cubase 11.

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Steinberg CC121.

Ya pony up for the cc121 is my advice.

It just really isn’t worth buying for me for 400€. Literally every button on the interface (e.g. open instrument plugin, open channel strip, enable write mode, etc.) i have set up with hotkeys on my keyboard and i’ve already gotten used to them. I’m basically only here for the fader :slight_smile: Is there really no other option than the cc121?

Eucon controllers. Avid s1 and s3 in the low and mid end.